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Our Philosophy

At BRANRO Enterprises, every staff member from the President to the newly hired apprentice has a role in accomplishing our Mission and Vision. It takes a full team, pulling in the same direction to achieve our long term goals. These guidelines are designed to define what a win looks like, what will make us successful as a team.

We are setting a new standard for providing security and what it means to be a security company. Focusing on long-term relationships and strategic partnerships, we develop solutions that make the best use of technology to fully meet our customer’s concerns and give them the peace of mind that their assets and valuables are secure.

Branro Enterprises has found a niche for providing our customers with a great solution for reducing energy cost by holding substantial partnerships with qualified professional contractors to assist in performing a free business energy audit. Our partners provide a professional installed solution, with Branro being your one point of contact to provide a turn-key solution for our customers.

Advanced Lighting Control Systems

Advanced lighting control systems have changed lighting and will soon be a common installation in all commercial buildings. Utilities are pushing advanced lighting control systems through their incentives because of the significant energy load reduction they provide.

There’s a reason places like California are requiring advanced lighting control systems in all commercial buildings now. Why? Advanced lighting control systems reduce a companies lighting energy load by up to 50% over an LED fixture and by 93% over older fluorescent tube and HID lighting technologies. To have light fixtures using 100% of their power in unoccupied areas for 50% or more of the day is a significant waste of energy. Advanced lighting control systems allow a company to measure occupancy in the various areas of their building so they can dial down their energy load.

Consider that the average collective occupancy under all of the lights in a manufacturing facility is 35 – 40% and in a warehouse or distribution center is 20 – 25%. Far too many businesses think their lighting load is insignificant when they may have a 300-horsepower energy load burning in their ceiling and there are 750W in one horsepower. It’s clear that there is a significant opportunity for energy waste reduction in all businesses today by choosing advanced lighting control systems.

Advanced lighting control systems have these benefits for your company:

30 - 40% greater energy savings over LED fixture with a sensor

Extends the life of the LED fixture by 30% plus

Time scheduling


Allows a company to provide individualized light levels

Dimming -trimming down light levels in areas where not as much light is required

Coordinated control- When an occupancy event occurs, when one designated fixture turns on it triggers other fixtures so they all behave in the same fashion

Demand-response capabilities to obtain better utility rates

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a method of reducing energy consumption by using less energy to attain the same amount of useful output. For example, an energy-efficient 12-watt LED bulb uses 75-80% less energy than a 60-watt traditional bulb, but provides the same level of light.

Branro provides and installs energy efficiency upgrades to businesses that help them save on energy costs while reducing energy consumption and creating a more comfortable work environment.

Branro installed an energy efficiency system with a building management system and several variable frequency drives on all air handlers and exhaust fans in a 450,000 square ft. manufacturing plant. We saved them over $100 thousand in yearly energy costs and got them over $130 thousand rebate. This automated system increased air quality and air pressure within the entire facility and takes advantage of outdoor air temperatures for air conditioning when applicable.

Free Business Energy Audits

Branro Enterprises, Inc. performs free business energy audits. We provide your business with a proposal/spreadsheet that shows the individual breakdowns of the different type systems that we are proposing to help you save on energy consumption and costs. Within the individual proposed systems, we show the total installed investment, the rebates, energy savings, and maintenance savings. We also offer financing options. By taking advantage of the financing through Michigan Saves at a very low interest rate, the monthly loan payment comes to be less than the savings. Taking advantage of our free business energy audits is a great opportunity. It requires no out of pocket money and gives you net monthly cash flow which leads to a great return on investment. Branro completes all of the necessary paperwork to get you the maximum rebates through our associated companies.

Branro Enterprises holds substantial partnerships with qualified professional contractors to assist in performing the free business energy audits. Our partners provide a professional installed solution and we provide turn-key solutions.

Additional Services

Lighting Retrofits, to LED

Replace your existing fluorescent tubes and lights to LED bulbs to reduce your energy costs and provide consistent and accurate light levels throughout your facility.

At Branro, our approach is different. Our goal is to maximize energy waste reduction, not sell you a 1-for-1 retrofit project.

HVAC Mechanical Upgrades

With our free business energy audits, we determine all non-energy efficient HVAC mechanical equipment like chillers, boilers, RTU’s, fan coils, and furnaces, and upgrade to more energy efficient equipment. Our HVAC mechanical upgrades save on energy costs and get you substantial rebates from your energy provider.

Building Management System (BMS)

The building management system is a tridium web-based, graphics driven system. It’s a user-friendly, standard means system meant to access and control HVAC equipment. The building management system allows you to take control of your thermostats, leading to reduced energy consumption and energy costs. Using the system, you have the ability to remotely control your schedules and set points. Change the temperatures and schedules for the building management system remotely. Between the rebates and energy savings, the building management systems makes for a great return on investment.

When you allow Branro Enterprises, Inc. to perform a “Free Energy audit at your business, and we sit with you to present our findings, you will see that it will be a very easy decision to make, based on the facts and the numbers. Make your appointment today. What do you have to lose, other than what you are currently losing in energy cost, because the Energy Audit is Free.



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