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Branro Enterprises, Inc. builds relationships and designs solutions to provide full total building solutions, from true security integration, to smart building technology, and Energy Efficiency systems, while building long term partnerships. We always say, “To be in a Partnership it needs to be a win win for both parties”
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Energy Efficiency Reduction

Free Energy Audits, HVAC upgrades, Lighting Retrofits, whatever improvements are necessary to reduce your energy consumption, for any size facility. Branro will get you the maximum rebates available, while offering financing so there is no out of pocket expenses.


Website design, search engine optimization, and brand marketing to help your business reach more customers.

Security and Surveillance

Alarm systems and security cameras for any size business or organization.

Software Development

Custom made business applications and mobile apps to solve problems in an elegant manner.

Audio and Video

Video conferencing, A/V control, or any other A/V need your business may have.

IT Services

Computer repair and secure data management for any size organization.

Why Choose Us?

Branro Enterprises, Inc. is your total security, and smart building solutions provider. Security is our expertise, but we strive to be your go-to company for additional systems for a total smart full building solutions, and technology services.

Branro Enterprises, Inc. partners with several qualified companies throughout Michigan that we can rely on for whatever your needs may be within your business.

Branro might not be an expert in every field, but we know who the experts are. When we partner with a business and provide them with state of the art technology solutions, we are who our partners trust to produce additional solutions to fit their needs.

There is no business too large or too small that Branro Enterprises, Inc., and its “Team” of professionals can’t do.

Your Total Full Building Solutions Provider

Business Partners

Energy Design Engineers

Lighting retrofits and advanced lighting control systems

Hurst Mechanical

HVAC mechanical upgrades

Smart Homes & Smart Offices

Michigan’s Preferred Technology Provider for all things smart

Our Approach

Question for Potential Customers

If I can bring my team of experts into your facility, provide you with a free energy audit, and show you how to dramatically decrease your energy costs while making your business a more comfortable place to visit and work would you turn it down? Think of it this way, it costs you nothing and you have nothing to lose.

Ron Colvin
Founder / Head of Sales

A few Energy Efficiency Jobs we have installed:

Car Dealerships

Branro installed an energy efficiency system in a few Car Dealerships with less than a 2 year R.O.I. at the businesses. The HVAC Control system allows the Dealership to take full control of the thermostats, while taking the control away from the employees. This alone saves the business thousands of dollars per year in energy cost. It is a web based open platform system that gives the business the ability to monitor the HVAC system, and control the system remotely. This allows them the ability to change temperatures and schedules remotely, anywhere in the world that has internet access. In addition, when a furnace goes down in the middle of winter, it’s nice to get a notification on your cell phone at off hours, so you don’t come into a cold building. Some customers will have these alerts go directly to the Technician of their HVAC Contractor, so they can respond immediately. The majority of the time when we present our energy audit findings to a Car Dealership’s decision maker, they say it’s a no-brainer, and move forward with the installation immediately.

Manufacturing Plants

Branro installed an energy efficiency system with a building management system and several variable frequency drives on all air handlers and exhaust fans in a 450,000 square ft. manufacturing plant. We saved them over $100 thousand in yearly energy costs and got them over $130 thousand rebate. This automated system increased air quality and air pressure within the entire facility and takes advantage of outdoor air temperatures for air conditioning when applicable.


Branro Installed an energy efficiency system at a large lumber yard company and their Corporate offices, and got them a 2 month R.O.I., based on the energy savings and rebates they received. While making the business a more comfortable place to visit and a better work environment.

When you allow Branro Enterprises, Inc. to perform a “Free Energy audit at your business, and we sit with you to present our findings, you will see that it will be a very easy decision to make, based on the facts and the numbers. Make your appointment today. What do you have to lose, other than what you are currently losing in energy cost, because the Energy Audit is Free.



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